Eggplant and Tomato Torta Recipe

The Torta is made of tomatoes, and eggplant is filled with fresh vegetables and is tasty to eat any time during your day!

Eggplant and Tomato Torta Recipe

One of my favorite ways to eat eggplant is sorting along, and I love pairing it with Grilled liempo or Fried dating in bangus. Although this classic Filipino veggie dish can be pretty simple to prepare, I find the process a little tricky. If I’m not cautious when moving the word from one end to the next and onto the plate, I’ll end up with a messy mess!

The tomato and eggplant frittata for the rescue! It’s packed with the flavor you are used to in our traditional Torta, but there aren’t any crazy flipping skills needed.

It’s not just easy to make, but it’s also delicious! Serve it with sinangag for a delightful breakfast or a sandwich with pandesal loaves to make meat-free lunchtime snacks. The combination of spicy eggplant, juicy tomatoes, and fluffy eggs is guaranteed to be a hit!

What are the tips for cooking Eggplant and Tomato Torta?

  • The recipe calls for an 8-inch skillet. If using a larger skillet than the recipe calls for, you can adjust the cooking time by baking to accommodate the thickness that results.
  • Cook the vegetables, then drain them thoroughly, as any excess moisture can saturate the eggs.
  • It is possible to cook the frittata in the oven or cook it on the stove by covering the pan with foil and turning down the temperature to prevent the frittata from burning.
  • An oven-proof nonstick baking dish is sufficient if you don’t own a cast iron skillet.

Try this recipe. It’s a nutritious and cost-effective meal you’ll be happy serving the entire family.

Eggplant and Tomato Torta Recipe

This tomato and eggplant torta is packed with fresh vegetables and is tasty to eat any time of day!


  • Six eggs, beaten
  • One large eggplant
  • One small onion cut thinly
  • One large tomato, chopped
  • Salt and pepper as desired
  • One tablespoon of oil from canola


  • Make a small prick in the eggplant using a fork or knife. Place directly on the stove top with a very high flame. Roast, rotating it occasionally using tongs until the eggplant is slightly soft and the skin evenly charcoaled.
  • Cool to the touch and then peel off the skin. Rinse gently under cold, running water to get rid of stray skin hairs and cut the flesh into small pieces.
  • In a saucepan on medium heat, cook oil. Add tomatoes and onions and cook until they soften. Remove the pan from the heat source and let it cool.
  • In the bowl, lightly beat eggs. Add the roasted eggplant, sauteed tomatoes, and onions. Add salt and pepper according to your preference and mix to combine.
  • Clean the sides and the bottom of an eight-inch cast iron or oven-proof skillet with nonstick cooking spray. On medium-low heat, add the egg mixture to the skillet. Gently press down.
  • Cook for two to three minutes or till the eggs start to set.
  • Remove the pan from the stove and place it in the 350 F oven. Continue cooking for about 10-15 minutes until the eggs have cooked and are lightly brown.
  • Transfer the salad onto a plate, then cut it into wedges.

Key Points to Remember

  1. If you use a larger pan than the recipe suggests, increase the cooking timing in your oven to accommodate the resultant thinness.
  2. Cook the vegetables, then drain them properly, as the extra moisture may drench the egg omelet.
  3. To cook the dish on the stove, cover the pan and reduce the heat to keep it from scorching.

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